Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Upgrade Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1 KitKat.

The Sony Ericsson A8i owners possibly will and would like to keep their device up-to-date. So we planning of giving you a tutorial of how to upgrade Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1  KitKat. With latest version of machine operating practice on your device, you will tolerate more benefit. Your device will tolerate more item, more secure, more fast performance, and more cool he...3x. But preceding to indicative you how to install Android 4.4.1  KitKat on Sony Ericsson A8i, let’s perceive pardon? Figure out you would like in order to be able to do the installation. You will tolerate to download 4.4.1  KitKat Sony Ericsson A8i ROM. You will and tolerate to root your Sony Ericsson A8i to set up it on behalf of Android 4.4.1  KitKat upgrade. Discover how to root Sony Ericsson A8i and install Android 4.4.1  KitKat from at this point. Here are the download relations of the archive you would like to fill in Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1  KitKat. Just ahead of inauguration to upgrade your Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1  KitKat don’t disregard to backup your in turn, as contacts, text messages and the apps installed from Google Play Store who maybe lost as soon as the installation finishes. Now let’s perceive how to fill in Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1  KitKat :

1. Install the ROM Manager on your Sony Ericsson A8i. Get it from Google Play Store, at that time install the clockwork mod recovery.

2. Connect your Sony Ericsson A8i to your PC employing the USB in turn cable. Copy the “ROM.Zip” sandpaper you downloaded to the SD remembrance certificate.

3. Restart your device in the recovery mode using ROM Manager. Since soon as in Recovery Mode, turn to ROM Manager and exclusive backup / restore to back-up your in turn.

4. From the Recovery Menu figure out a figure up data erase (including Delvik Cache). When accomplished, turn back to Recovery Principal Menu and opt Flash ROM from SD Card. Navigate the location you imitative the ”ROM.Zip” sandpaper and ensue the guidelines on behalf of installing Android 4.4.1  KitKat on your Sony Ericsson A8i. Since soon as the installation is above, scarcely reboot your Sony Ericsson A8i device, and at this point you turn, you’ve scarcely upgraded it to the latest Android 4.4.1  KitKat

Upgrade Sony Ericsson A8i to Android 4.4.1 KitKat.

Note: Here Is Link To Download the File ROM =

The File size is 133 MB, so I split the file into 3 parts :
ROM Part 1 :
ROM Part 2 :
ROM Part 3 :
To combine 3 parts files above into 1 file just use WINRAR, then extract the files into ZIP format.
If any problem with the file, maybe because the file have corrupted during the download process, you can try to re-download the file.
Tutorial Video : Easy Way To Download at =